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A new class of therapies to treat cardiovascular diseases

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Our company is collaborating with academic institutions to deliver

new therapies for the treatment of heart disease


Bhawanjit Brar Ph.D. CEO and Founder has over 20 years in molecular cardiology research experience.  A former Vice President of a biotechnology company that helped develop a novel therapy for chronic heart failure from IND to Phase 3 clinical trials in 7 years.

Joseph Hansen J.D. C.P.A. has over 25 years of experience serving as a Chief Financial Officer of both public and private companies. He is a Co-Founder of three companies and has held various board memberships, and has held operating and executive positions at others.


Scientific Advisor

Professor Kirk Peterson M.D. is a current Director Emeritus of the Sulpizio Cardiovascular Center at the University of California, San Diego Health Systems. He is also a Professor of Medicine and Deputy Dean and the Director of the Seaweed Canyon Physiology Laboratory at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine. Professor Peterson has over 150 publications in cardiovascular science and is the editor and author of numerous book chapters. Professor Peterson is an outstanding translational scientist that specializes in murine ischemic injury models and human cardiac catheterization.


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Jaan Biotherapeutics LLC is consulting with patent and business attorneys and business development consultants that have commercialized novel therapies for the prevention of diseases.